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《Language in use》Save our world PPT课件

《Language in use》Save our world PPT课件 详细介绍:

《Language in use》Save our world PPT课件《Language in use》Save our world PPT课件《Language in use》Save our world PPT课件

《Language in use》Save our world PPT课件

51彩票Teaching aims:

知识目标:To master some words and expressions about save our world:

factory, pollute, recycle, waste, enemy, crop, kill, oil, less, such as, hopeless…  


1.To understand  passages about pollution .

2. to learn to say  why we need to save the world and how to be green.

... ... ...

New words

pollute   v. 污染

factory   n.  制造厂; 工厂

waste   n.  废料; 废弃物

recycle  v.  回收利用, 再使用(废品)

crop   n.  庄稼; 作物

enemy   n. 敌人; 仇人

oil   n. 石油

kill   v.  杀死; 弄死

... .51彩票.. ...

What causes pollution ?

1.Pollution from factories spreads over cities 51彩票and villages.If the rivers are polluted, farmers can’t use them to water their crops .

2.In some places, pollution from factories spreads over cities and villages

3.The cars on the roads use so much 51彩票oil and cause pollution .

What can students do ?

1.every class  collects waste  which can be recycled or use51彩票d again  .Then the school  sells the waste to help students. 

2. Order food that you can finish.

3. Use less electricity at home.

4. Learn ways to recycle rubbish.

5. Divide rubbish into different groups.

6. Use paper cups and paper bags.

7.Go to school on foot or by bike.

8. Do not throw away things made of glass, plastic and paper, but recycle them when possible.

9. Turn off lights when you do not need them.

10. Take a bag when you go shopping in stead of asking for a plastic bag. 

11. Use things  for as long as possible.

... ... ...

language points

1. We throw tons of rubbish away each year, and we have to make a change. 

ton     n. 吨

tons of  许多, 很多

e.g 我们为今晚的聚会买了大量饮料。

We’ve bought tons of drinks for the party tonight. 

throw away  扔掉; 丢弃

e.g. When are you going to throw away those old magazines? 



He has thrown away a good chance

2. Repeat these three words daily: reduce, reuse and recycle. 

repeat &nbs51彩票p;  v. 重说; 重新做

前缀“re-”, 意思是“再, 重复”

e.g. I repeated after the teacher word by word. 


3. Although it takes energy to change things into something else, it is better than throwing things away or burning them.

change … into … 


e.g. You can’t change iron into gold. 


4. We cannot hope for rapid change, but let’s take these simple steps today …

take steps 采取措施


We need to take some steps to reduce pollution

... .51彩票.. ...



将两个或两个以上独立且语义不同的单词合在一起构成新词的方法叫做合成法。合成法是一种比较灵活的构词方法,可以合成名词、形容词、副词、代词、动词等。例如:afternoon, sportsman, blackboard, sportsperson, newspaper, 

2. 派生法

通过在词根前面加前缀或在词根后面加后缀构成一个新词的方法叫作派生法。要通过派生法理解和记忆单词, 我们需要掌握常见的前缀和后缀及派生规律。

3. 转化法


(1) 动词转化为名词

— Let’s talk about it more. 


— I think we’d better finish the talk now. 


(2) 名词转化为动词

She gave me a cup of water. 


You should water the flowers twice a day. 


... ... ...


Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

hopeful51彩票    impossible   reuse   unhealthy   wasteful 

1. Polluted water is _________.

2. It is _______ to throw so much food away.

3. If you look after things well, you may _______ some of them later.

4. It is ________ to clean up the whole river in such a short time.

5. If we pay attention to pollution now, the future will be ________.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in Activity 3.

She was  hopeful  that her new job would make her more successful.

1. The factory _______ the river, and the fish51彩票 died.

2. We often walk in the countryside. It is a(n) _______ activity for us.

3. Do not use so much water. It is very _________.

4. To keep the fl51彩票owers growing, you need to _______ them once a day.

... ... ...


Listen and check (√) the true sentences.51彩票 

1. It is OK to throw used things away. Looking after them takes a lot of time.

2. Do not throw away things made of glass, plastic and paper, but recycle them when possible.

3. Take a bag when you go shopping.


Discuss your s51彩票ubject.

Take turns to say what you think about the problem and what can be done.

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